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Let's start off then with the color which appeals to me the most at this particular moment in time, the so-called fundamental color which is the starting point for this weblog:

       Blue  #3366CC

This means that there are a number of possible harmonic combinations which will be the most pleasing for the average human mind perception and so forth. According to scientific theory we can define the following interactions of two or more colors:

        Complementary   1 + 7
        Split-Complementary   1 + 6 + 8
        Triad   1 + 5 + 9
        Analogous  12 + 1 + 2

This information is based on the color schemer online which I can recommend highly for anyone who wants to learn just a little bit more about the influence of colors in our lives.

Is this near to the harmony of colors I had originally intended or is it a bit off base or is it completely wrong? Some people call it color scheming, others call it color therapy, some view it as an artistic endeavor, and still others appeal to the appearance of some invisible aura. I call it this: trying to get my blog to look nice enough that it does not scare everyone away before they have been able to get lost in my jungle of completely off the wall thoughts. It is up to you to decide the future and how I will have to deal with it in technicolor induced mental unawareness, if you know what I mean. Are there any interesting reactions to this once in a lifetime challenge?

This weblog entry can also be found on my homepage at the Harmonic Colors page.


Triad or Analogous, definitely. The others are too "jumpy." You want to engage your readers' eyes but not force them to look at anything. The quieter, cool/ semi-warm colors work better at this than fiery orange and greens. : )

Very interesting!!! By the way, your site now works on my mac with IE5.1.5, did you change anything recently?? Looks good!

Funny, personally I would go for the Triad also, just for the sake of keeping a little purple on the site. However, I am not too much into green at all. Analogous is nice also, but no purple. Oh well, you cannot when them all.

Hey Pat, glad that my weblog finally looks good on your Mac also. The solution is quite simple, which I just happened to come across. Turns out that for some browsers the CSS class names etc. are case-sensitive. In my file CSS-files I made them all lowercase as they appear in my HTML-files. And it worked! Now I can reach a larger audience I hope. Thanks for the tip.

I REALLY like the color schemer. Thanks for posting that! Even with a background in studio art, there are times when I just can't come up with something suitable. Nice.

Yeah Tom, I know exactly what you mean. In one way, it seems sad that we have to depend on the computer to decide what colors go together. My wife knows right away because she has more of an intuitive feeling. She jokes about me when for example we need to choose the color of the couch which matches the carpet and I happen not to have my computer with me (who brings their computer with them anyway to IKEA).

Color therapy?
Check out this introduction article on Chromotherapy:
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