Forty-four is a nice round number

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Forty-four years old!
Nice round
Forty-four is a nice round number, I would say. It is symmetric. It is perfectly divisible by my favorite number: eleven. Eleven was a really great year for me, one fourth of my lifetime ago. Furthermore, we all know that eleven is a prime number, which makes it even more special. The number eleven fits four times into forty-four. Four represents another symmetry in that it is divisible twice by the number two. So we have two times two times eleven. Not that I am a fan of numerology, I am not at all. However, one may freely use numerology to acquire certain insights. Which is what I am doing now, and nothing more. To continue, half of my lifetime ago I was twenty-two. That brought a major change in my life, because I ended up coming to Europe and growing up finally. Following such a trend, it makes sense that forty-four will also allow positive change. I look forward to the rest of my life, as I have not yet even passed half of it yet.


Hi there, I found this page whilst doing a search for the number 44, a friend and I keep seeing this number every where, especially on number plates. We live in different states and it has been happening for a couple of years. We still don't know what it means, if anything at all, so if you would care to eleberate further on your opinion of this nicely rounded number that would be great, interesting site, thanks Mel

Didn't I elaborate enough already? I guess not, otherwise you wouldn't have asked me. Okay then, how about this: forty-four when turned upside down is a little less than twenty-three. Hope this helps.

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