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You would think that the more you practice the better you get. This month I have already played eight rounds of golf. My scores so far have been: 81, 76, 83, 76, 74, 76, 80, 84.

This morning I got up extra early for yet another day of golf. I started out so lousy that I quit after three holes. Bogie, double-bogie, bogie. I was so fed up, felt stressed and started cussing out loud to myself. When it started raining real bad I felt better, knowing that the day wasn't wasted since because of the weather I would have quit anyway.

Practicing too much is also not good. Although you need to practice in order to get better, there's an upper limit. The act of practicing should remain fun and relaxing. You also need to feel calm and hone your skills at the same time, otherwise you will not get better only worse.

With that said, I will take a two day break. Hopefully by Sunday I will be mentally prepared for the final monthly medal tournament. Soon enough winter will be here and I will have to take a longer break from golf.

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