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When you are ready to putt, address the ball and imagine a white line defining the curved and convoluted path that the ball will take as it travels across the surface of the green to the center of the hole.

The ball starts off fast and then slows down as it nears the final destination, certain areas of unevenness causing the white orb to bounce or vibrate ever so slightly, but not enough to cause it to veer off of this predestined trajectory.

Your opponent's eye is glued to its snake-like motion and he is hoping that the ball will slide past the hole or even lip out at the last moment, but you know better what is really going to happen. The mental vision will become reality before you realize it.

In your mind's eye, visualize the ball disappearing into the dark hole and making that wonderful sound as it rattles around at the bottom of the cup.

The putter swings like a soft pendulum and strikes the ball like a slightly resistant cushion, momentum is imparted according to nature's way, the ball slides along that white line so clear in your mind, and you sink the putt to win.

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