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If you aren't quite sure how much a given putt is going to break, then you should try and aim slightly more above the hole, and then stroke the putter an iota less hard.

Will the ball drop in the hole?

The idea is that if you misjudge the break, then the law of averages will place the ball (hanging) on the high-side of the hole, increasing the chances that gravity will end up toppling the ball over into the hole.

I not so sure I have the courage to try this out, definitely not yet in an important tournament where every stroke counts.

Besides, when it comes to golf I believe that my skills come more from gut-feeling and instinct rather than from logical thought and scientific calculations.

Like taking forever to pace off the exact distance to the hole, examine the grain of the grass, feeling how moist the surface of the green is. Even if you could pinpoint these measurements to a 0.1% margin of error, what are the odds that your body can exactly achieve the right motions to keep within the accuracy.

I guess it's a personal thing, and if going through the actions makes you feel more confident and thereby results improve, might as well do it.

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