Dropping into nowhere

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For some very strange reason they were all wearing high-heels which was the last thing I could see as they went down. Zoom in close and then focus sharply on that black tip pointing upward. I could see this very clearly as each and every one of the women dropped over the edge of the high building on which I was standing. Standing and waiting and wondering at the same time. And then I was thinking, "You see this is a dream I am dreaming." What made the whole scene even more bizarre was the fact that they were all dressed up in a backless black satin dress. Like they were leaving some big gala event out the back door and then like a line of lemmings ever so nonchalantly dropping over the edge. They just dropped head first over the edge as if it were the most normal thing in the world. As I knew already that we were situated at least fifty-five stories high, I figured for sure that there was not a chance in the world that even one of these gorgeous female beings would survive. Not a one. What a waste so many young and beautiful women at the prime of their lives just falling out of existence one after the other. Was I the cause of it? The last I saw of each satin dress flapping in the wind was that tip of the high-heel pointing straight up. Like here I am going down and just to be defiant the pointed tip will direct my gazing eye to where they were REALLY headed. Alright for now, see you all later. "Nothing I can do about it." At least that is how I thought at the time, but I could have been wrong.

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