Water can think

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You might find it a strange concept to contemplate. Recent research has indicated that water can remember things. So perhaps homeopathy has some substance of truth afterall, e.g. the idea that solutions diluted millions of times to leave just one last molecule in place might not be that crazy an idea at all.

The New Scientist magazine article called Icy claim that water has memory gives more details for those interested to learn more.


My Century Comment on Gibberations!

Sort of related, yet not, is the concept of soup at a restaurant, at least the one that I worked at. We made French Onion soup. It was actually very tasty for an American chain establishment. But what would happen is that when the soup on the line got low, we would warm up some more and add it to the batch. So in theory, though I managed to chain our process to avoid this, people might be eating soup that was a few years old. It was interesting that the mixture never did go bad and always seemed to get better and better.

Another example has to do with gasoline and filling up your tank at the gas station. Since the tank is never completely empty, you are continually re-diluting the old gasoline still left in the tank. So there is always a small fraction of very old petrol getting older and older, ancient and prehistoric molecules drifting around and doing nothing. Perhaps that is a contributing factor to automobiles breaking down in the long run.

That's why I love reading your blog, Kiffin... you're as much of a geek as I am. ;)

Yes, even at my age I still consider myself a real live-and-kicking geek who is young at heart.

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