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Yesterday I purchased the Dutch book "Handboek Freelancen 2002/2003" and have since then been devouring its contents in search for valuable hints and tips on how best to start my life anew as a future-famous freelancer.

Actually I do not like the sound of freelancer, and I prefer to see myself as kind of new age entrepreneur, a self-navigator, a pioneer e-lancer. In case you already don't know, the term "freelancer" originally dates from the middle ages where it meant a medieval mercenary, from a French term meaning free-lansier.

According to the first chapter of this book, today's freelance professional can in essence be described as follows:

"Freelancen betekent kwaliteiten uitbuiten, kansen benutten en risico's nemen. Het is niet alleen een vorm waarin je je capaciteiten aan de man brengt. Het is ook een manier van leven die je houding en sociale leven beinvloedt. Een freelancer is in de eerste plaats op zichzelf aangewezen, hij is verantwoordelijk voor zijn eigen succes. En voor zijn eigen falen."

Translated into English you get something like:

"Freelancing means exploiting quality, taking advantage of chances and taking risks. It is not only a manner with which you present your abilities. It is also a way of life which influences your attitude and social life. A freelancer is at first entirely committed to himself, he is totally responsible for his own success. And for his own failure."

So which way will it be for me?


I toyed with the idea of going freelance while I was laid off a while back, but ultimately decided I just wasn't quite ready for that kind of responsibility. Luckily a regular job came along, but I was all prepared to go into forced-freelancery if need be. I'm just not at the point yet where I feel confident that I would be able to get out there and constantly drum up new work for myself. It sounds like you are, so good luck!

I know what you mean, Tom. Often I am hesitant and feel the same way. But when I think about it logically, I have the choice of either hanging around and doing nothing or actively making things happen on my own. Of course there is always the risk that failure will knock me over, but at least I tried. I can also hang around endlessly and end up failing, but I would feel responsible and regret having not at least given it a go.

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