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Just finished the latest novel by Michael Frayn called "Spies" and it was pretty darn good. I find the way that Mr. Frayn writes very refreshing, with an interesting mix of artistic prose balanced with a solid storyline which always keeps the reader on his toes. This book is about an older man who finally returns to the neighborhood of his youth, in England where he grew up during World War II, in order to deal with some obscure thoughts and feelings about a certain event he has been carrying with him his whole life. Seems he and his friend Keith have gotten a little carried away in playing the adventure where Keith's mother is a supposed German spy. Playful enough and well written through the eyes of an adult as seen through the eyes of a child, at least how the man remembers it within the limited perception of childhood memories. The way the story matures and the plot which is woven into the thread of the novel will keep you occupied. The unexpected ending makes the whole read worthwhile, and it will certainly keep you thinking about human ideals, the pains of war and the often forgotten personal stories of the true sufferers of that awful episode in European history. Yes, I recommend this book very very highly. Here is a quote to give you a better idea.

"I feel more strongly than ever the honour of my association with Keith. His family have taken on the heroic proportions of characters in a legend - noble father and traitorous mother playing the never-ending conflict between good and evil, between light and dark. Now Keith himself is charged by fate with taking his place beside them, upholding the honour of the one by punishing the dishonour of the other. And I have been granted a modest foothold of my own in the story, as the loyal squire and sword-bearer that a hero requires."

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