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Kiffin, your career personality type is ENFP.

That means that based on the standard measure of personality traits, you have strong organizational and project management skills. When others lose sight of the big picture, you help them to stay focused to see what's important and weed out unnecessary details. You are most fulfilled by your work when you are allowed to think creatively and consider new approaches to work. You are not afraid to take calculated risks and see mistakes or failures as opportunity for growth.

You have a diverse array of interests and are even regarded as a Renaissance type of person. You possess an inspiring zest for life and abound with creativity. You seek venues to express your thoughts and feelings. Your personality and beliefs shine through in most of the work you do.



Those tests are so bogus! I took the same test (I think) during my MBA studies and I was right down the middle (exatally) for two of the four catagories! It's the Kiersey Sorter I think........... Wish me luck for Thursday (my first real interview)

I agree with you that these test are bogus. Still, like horoscopes, they can sometimes come up with interesting items which offer insights. These results are indeed pretty darn useless, thus hogwash.

Mine have almost all been dead-on accurate. Accurate to the point that if I show the results to someone they smile and say "if your name wasn't on this I'd know it was you anyway."

The DiSC profile was by far the most enlightening, as it shows both what you believe yourself to be and what others perceive of you. If you get a chance, take it and see how you feel afterwards. We took it at our company and I couldn't find more than a couple people who weren't shocked at how accurate it was.

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