Usual Sunday

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Today is the usual laid back relaxing Sunday for me, and I have a number of chores which have to be attended to. To name just a few from my endless list:

  • Fix the broken fence again by adding green wire across the gap (done).
  • Repair Marlies' bike by tightening the right screws (done).
  • Replace Maarten's lock on his bike which shattered during his recent fall (doesn't fit).
  • Hang up the new pictures that we bought last week in Amsterdam (done).
  • Email reactions about my yearly review to my manager (done).
  • Hang up the rope on the swing-set (done).
  • Attach computers on shelves so they hang sturdier under table (next weekend).
  • Write this blog when I get the chance (done).
  • Shave carefully without producing a bloody mess (tomorrow morning).
  • Configure my new Windows XP computer so the other kids can log on also (postpone until next year).
  • Go for my second weekend jog (once on Saturday is enough).
  • Replace that torn mosquito net in our sleeping room (done).
  • Give my kids enough attention (never enough).
  • Finish another chapter of my Javascript book (read chapter 19).
  • Take a bike trip around the Reeuwijkse plassen with the family (done).
I hope that I can finish them all (chances are that I won't but that is no reason not to give it a try), but I will have to wait and see.

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