Broken afterall

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Remember when Maarten had a terrible fall the other day? We were very relieved that his injuries weren't that bad. Just cuts and bad bruises, at least we hoped. Well as it turns out, Maarten's thumb is broken afterall. Because it was on a Sunday, only a doctor's assistant had had a cursory look at the X-ray and hadn't found anything unusual. However, later this week a qualified radiologist inspected the pictures in more detail and quickly came to the definite conclusion: yes, Maarten had fractured his thumb! Albeit a small hairline break it was broken nonetheless. During the last couple nights poor Maarten was complaining alot about the awful pain, but we just gave him aspirin hoping he would shut up. Now he has a nice bright blue cast as proof, his prize, starting at the upper half of his forearm and eventually covering his thumb and hand where his fingers poke through. Now Maarten holds an all time Gish record having broken a limb twice in his life. At the early age of seven years old. Up to now the record holders were tied at one, the others being: Kathleen who at three had broken her collarbone when I rolled into her and caused her to crack her arm on the underside of the metal bed frame; and I who had broken his left tibia when Donald Conant (sic) had tackled me during a friendly football match at the Monterey Park Elementary School playground when I was twelve or so.


I hope he'll be okay. Poor little guy. That fall sounded so nasty. I hope he doesn't look back anymore, even for a split, teensy-weensy second of a second.

Thanks alot for your concern Bekah. Don't worry, Maarten is a pretty tough guy. He will be just fine.

as my grandfather always said...
"it will stop hurting once the pain goes away!"

Kiffin, I was two and my wrist was broken, not my collarbone! And I do remember that incident!


Oops, sorry Kathleen. Since it happened so very long ago and it was such a traumatic experience for me (I felt really guilty unknowingly causing my little sister pain), I guess the exact details are a bit muddled in my mind.

I have never broken any bones... *knock on laminated wood*

I was just 1 year old when I broke both my collarbone and right hand while running down the stairs. 11 years on, I again broke both my collarbone and right hand. Hopefully, I won't break them again.

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