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Is this really possible...The past is what made us what we are today, and the experiences and knowledge so acquired is required baggage for our further adventure into the future. For those of you out there who would rather just forget the past and get on with your lives, first check out Attack on America. Lots and lots of pictures, videos and stuff covering that terrible moment in the past, more than half a year ago. Yesterday, really. Pause for a moment of silence and then continue with your life. Never forget what made you what you are today.


Could this really have happened, or is it just a bad dream from which I just woke up? Hopefully the goodness in the world will survive this terrible act and in the long term the will of the peacemakers will prevail.

It scares the hell out of me that time goes by so quickly. Last year was 364 days I can't remember, and one I'll never forget.

Time is not relevant, nor the speed with which it passes us by. Forgetting and remembering are what brings it all together, the relevant pieces. If they exist, that is.

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