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Is it possible as humanoids to be able to make proper judgements in a totally objective non-emotional way? So that truth is attained no matter what? Not that truth over there but the real truth, everywhere and nowhere. The absolutely really real truth, as in the perfect forms of Plato. I think not.

You will always bring yourself along. The words emitted from your mouth will always carry the tones of your thoughts and other subtleness. The gestures are results of musculature and the electrical impulses sent to induce their movements. Thoughts guiding objectivity in a forced and restrained manner. Feelings are hurt in the long run because we are doing as if. As if it is so objective when it is not.

And do not forget the reactions, if there are any. Hurting the feelings of others will hurt the feelings of even more others and the circle will come around. And slam down hard as it turns the corner at the same time you turn the same corner. Being objective is not possible. Being honest is. It is judgment day for all of us humanoids. Be on your guard.

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