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She lived her life of ninety-eight years to the fullest, and the time had come for her to leave us for a better place in another dimension. I am very thankful to her for being such a fantastic mother who raised her only child so well, loving and caring for her daughter who grew up and became my loving partner, mother of four children, three grandchildren, et al.

Dag mam, ik zal je missen. Take care.

Awesome and incredible, two adjectives which have taken on a life of their own in the latest language cultural movement of social media.

Meaningless exaggerations to the extreme which have been normalized to muddle up the English language.

"Awesome, don't you think!"

"Pretty incredible, isn't it!"

According to the dictionary, the definition of awesome is "extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe," for example "the awesome power of the atomic bomb."

Likewise, the definition of incredible is "impossible to believe," as in "an almost incredible tale of triumph and tragedy."

Remember this when watching videos on the Internet where people are discussing boring subjects and trying to make them more interesting by peppering their monologues with such misplaced extravagant terms.

My handicap has been going up for some time, and today I hit the seven handicap mark. This is not good, and I do not want to accept that growing older means that your handicap goes up and up while your motor skills deteriorate.

The sad thing is that all of those extra training and practicing sessions haven't helped me a single bit. In fact, my scores in tournaments are quite poor and I am feeling very frustrated. It seems that an unpredictable routine of bad luck and errant shots is unfairly destroying my game.

For example, in the club stroke championship I shot a 90, 84 and 85. In the senior stroke championship, I mucked around and shot an 85 and 84. Whatever happened to the good old days when I regularly shot in the seventies? Just keep on trying and hope it's merely a bad dream and goes away soon.

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