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Why is it that older people get grumpier and more negative as they age? You see this happen all the time. They complain about this and that, usually about fairly trivial items having little importance in life and yet absorbing all their energy and focus. The bubble of awareness contracts more and more until the only thing that matters any more is their sorry selves and how they are victimized by outside forces beyond their sphere of control. They go on and on endlessly about their problems which are unfairly caused by this person who is either dishonest, stupid or careless beyond means. Mostly this seems to be caused by the changing society and their complete inability to adapt to change, ironically change for the better. The work floor modernizes, new technologies evolve and society comes up with newer and more efficient practices. These are all good improvements to the way of life, compared to the so-called good old days. Back when society was structured and predictable, almost to an extreme, comfortable but limiting. After sixty or so, it is high time to pause and reflect on the positive sides of life. Be very thankful for what you have. Do not thrive on gossip or feelings of distrust, hatred and isolation. In ten years, two years, a couple months from now, or even tomorrow, it will all end anyway. At that defining moment of truth, how much better would your final thoughts be were they to be happy, thankful and positive. Welcoming the end with open arms and total acceptance of what is or what isn't to come. That my friend is the true purpose of life, so good luck.

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