Month: March 2021

I finally get to have my shot in only two weeks, and I am very excited and relieved at the same time. Hopefully things will turn back to normal very soon.


I really need to stop chewing on the side of my thumb like that. It has become worse lately and turned into an awful habit. My family and friends keep warning me to stop before it is too late. I am in denial and I have been ignoring their many pleas to quit, not thinking that it is really such a big deal. Actually, it has gotten out of hand, but I'd rather not think about it. Sure, bad habits are hard to break, and I keep promising myself that some day I will stop, but not yet. That is when to my sudden dismay, I realize a large portion of my thumb is missing. I had been gnawing pretty hard into the skin I realize, and there is this gaping wound where my teeth had been chewing. An open hole had appeared and this stringy whitish meat was hanging out loose like slightly cooked chicken. Half of my thumb was gone, and panicking I tried to pull the two sides of skin together to cover it up. But that didn't help at all. The first thing I did when I woke up was to double-check the damage just in case, but to my relieve it had disappeared and my life was back to normal again.

Exactly three years ago to this day you passed away, and I miss you still. You helped make me the person I am today, and I am thankful for that. I guess that I should be thinking about you more often. However, as the years go by I tend to forget the memories more often as they fade with time. No matter, you are now in good hands dear mother, and that makes me feel much better.


This new game has been keeping me so very busy now for several hours every evening that it is making me crazy, I guess you are never too old to play computer games in order to pass the time and make yourself feel useful.

Loop Hero.

Not too long ago the buying price was only around $1000, and at the time I found it way too expensive. Even offered first $50 and then $200, but to no avail. Now the price has sky-rocketed for some strange reason, the going price exploding to more than $32,000. What am I supposed to do now?

Ironically, this domain name was originally owned by some old guy named Gilbert who lived in North Virginia at the time. He had a minimalist website dedicated to none other than Kiffin Rockwell. The website consisted of two pages, a landing page stating that this website was dedicated to Kiffin Rockwell, with a single link to the About page which was blank.

I contacted him on several occasions explaining that my name is Kiffin and that I had dedicated a whole section to Kiffin Rockwell on my website. Would it be possible to purchase the domain name from him? No no, he was not willing to do that. He gave me the same no answer each time I tried to explain things. Now I am pretty sure that he has passed away and my chance at ever-lasting fame has gone up in smoke. Which is all kind of ironic, considering that his so-called dedication to Kiffin Rockwell was a sick joke in comparison to the loads of information and links I had researched and collected on my KYR webpage.

Life swings from one extreme to the other without taking good guys into account, and I will just have to accept this and get on with my life.

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