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I cannot wait to see the new movie by Sacha Baron Cohen.

This comedian is truly an amazing artist, and he certainly proves this with his third character which as usual he portrays convincingly, daring the public and challenging us with essential questions we'd rather ignore.

I find it very interesting how upset everyone gets, mostly for the wrong reasons. In their ignorance, these poor souls take things literally. Paranoia causes panic and off they go again for yet another meaningless witch hunt.

Let's avoid being confronted by our inner selves and instead take the easy route to stoning someone else to death.

Vulgarity, rudeness and harsh sexual jokes have been an essential part of comedy every since the very beginning of time. Ancient literature, Greek comedy, French theater of the Middle Ages, etc. Look at the classic "Gargantua and Pantagruel" which is full of pissing, farting, shitting, voluptuous boobs, etc. all over the place.

Why should things be different in this so-called modern day and age? People are by nature quite stupid and have got it all so very wrong.

May God forgive us all and someday save us from all this sin.

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