Month: January 2007

As things turned out it was to be a trip around the world and when I left I had loads of luggage about ten big heavy bags at least.

After each stop I lost one item of luggage but had to hastily catch the next flight, boat, train or whatever.

In the haste I inevitably lost yet another piece of luggage, but the continuation of the trip took priority meaning that I had to continue with one less item or else.

By the end of this frustrating journey I had but two pieces of luggage left over from the original pile of important items, and even then during the last leg of the journey yet another vital piece was misplaced and or lost.

When I finally arrived back home, I felt relieved not only to be back home in familiar territory but also to be released from all that extra baggage that had been weighting me down.

Finally back home and time to start all over again.

In order to encourage better people leaving comments on my blog, I figured I should try to enable this blog's option to allow mail from anyone.

Unfortunately within a day I received no less than thirty-five spam comments. Now it's back to the original setting where only so-called registered users can leave comments, sorry.

This should not be a problem for those really keen on adding comments now and then, as all you have to do is click on the sign-in link.

After struggling awhile with the installation of Komodo on my FreeBSD 6.2 system, I *finally* was successful in getting it up-and-running. Therefore I would like to share my experiences in the hopes that in the future it may be helpful for some other fellow FreeBSD-er.


  1. Download the linux libcpp5 tarball.
  2. Unpack and cd into extracted dirtectory.
  3. As root run ./
  4. Choose install directory: /usr/compat/linux/opt/Komodo-IDE-4.0
  5. As root cd /usr/compat/linux/opt/Komodo-IDE-4.0
  6. For the bin, share and lib directories do the following:
    1. chmod -R +x dirname
    2. chmod -R -s dirname
    3. chmod -R -t dirname
    4. chmod -R +r dirname
  7. Download the license and install on Windows or Linux (not FreeBSD)
  8. Copy ~/.ActiveState/ActiveState.lic and place in ~/.ActiveState directory
  9. Komodo can now be started as: /usr/compat/linux/opt/Komodo-IDE-4.0/bin/komodo

You can now create a quick launcher by using one of the images found in: /usr/compat/linux/opt/Komodo-IDE-4.0/share/icons/

I hope that this may be helpful to someone someday. I sure would have liked to know this in advance as it would have saved me a day of sweating and hair-pulling.

In order to lead a team efficiently, you must win their respect. In order to win their respect, you need to understand the details of what they are doing. In order to understand the details of what they are doing, you need to communicate with them closely and listen to what they have to say.

Why is that guy winking at me? Do I know him or what? It turns out that this person has an extreme form of some kind of tic, the muscles in his face jerking all over the place, that usual winking reflex triggered by some unknown neurological cause. Spastic and uncontrollable. Of course, the instant reaction is to assume that he knows what he is doing and therefore that he recognizes you for some reason. But that is not the case, pass him by and continue life as usual.

There is this misconception out there which needs to be addressed in the sense that let's face it but things are slightly different than we had expected. Dig in and deal with the problem but let's be honest about it and tackle thing accordingly. There is no use in wasting too much time with abstract philosophical variations on the subject, except that we must focus and get the job done. Together, that is.

Will I dream?

What do you mean?

Will I dream?

What do you mean?

(repeats endlessly)

- Track 7 - The Shield

"So what are my interesting plans for the weekend?" you may ask.

Well, how about this? Upgrading to FreeBSD 6.2 and rebuilding my ports. More polished, stable.

That sure sounds like a fun and relaxing activity for the weekend, don't you think?

"Gale force winds and heavy downpours hammered northern Europe, killing 27 people and disrupting travel for tens of thousands..."

For awhile there it was pretty hairy driving home on my own feeling the wind trying to sweep my car off the road, the endless row of bending trees to my right threatening to snap off like toothpicks right at the moment I find myself underneath one.

The time has come when it is necessary to try things out ever so slightly than what is originally expected. This is certainly a difficult task but not one that we should ignore because we are afraid to take the initial steps. We can hesitate forever and wonder about the consequences or we can just roll up our sleeves and get things done. I prefer the latter.

After all these years I finally figured out how to get the Macromedia flash plugin working under FreeBSD using the Firefox web browser.

Go to the Browsers page in the FreeBSD Handbook and look under chapter 6.2.4 Firefox, Mozilla and Macromedia® Flash™ plugin.

Just follow the directions step by step and then everything will work out just fine. (Don't forget to restart)

Here is an amazingly interesting and challenging project of which I hope to be an important part and partake in the future success with joy and anticipation:

Euromax Terminal.

Happened to be listening to Bluemars and became totally mesmerized when hearing the music by Spacecraft.

My long lost son will be returning home in just a few days after having spent nearly nine months in the United States, doing some soul-searching and trying to figure out what life is all about. A heavy chore for a young buck nineteen year old, but I believe he has handled himself well. Even though I will have to be at the airport by six in the morning to pick him up, I cannot wait to see him again. I wonder if he has changed much.

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