Month: July 2006

Alright so I decided to learn yet another programming language, namely one called Python.

This advanced object-oriented scripting language provides a powerful tool which is used extensively at my work.

Therefore, it makes good sense for me to become more familiar with this scripting language so that I can better understand what my team members are doing.

I will start with the online tutorial and see how far I get this weekend.

I must admit that a little bit of rain is alright, waiting outside for the next train to arrive, a drop here and there, just the right cooling on the forehead and other exposed portions of the body, in compensation of the heatwave which has been working against us the last couple of weeks.

(People are walking around as if in slow motion, slits for eyes and barely awake, the extreme heat making everyone look like they are living in some kind of exotic aquarium or whatever)

But when you get out of the train and then it starts pouring down with that deluge which is unexpected, it is a welcome relief that you have just happened to brought along that portable umbrella which opens up magically when the red button on the handle is pressed.

A story is a letter the author writes to himself, to tell himself things that he would be unable to discover otherwise.

An excellent read ...

So what is the most optimal way to get from Gouda to Utrecht Terwijde and back again?

Watch out for the giant meteor which is now whizzing past the Earth, a near miss in astronomical terms.

The first week at my new job has flown by at a truly amazing pace. Five days already? This new technology is going to prove to be an interesting intellectual challenge for me, I am sure. Being inquisitive by nature, I will pack my machete, enter the jungle and hack my way through the thick foliage, in search for an occasional treasure or two in the future. For now it is just the beginning, and I am happy enough just hacking around the surroundings at hand. Fortunately one is never too old to explore new areas and learn even more.

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