Month: March 2005

Something desperate is happening. Just as I approach the train to return home, avoiding a small puddle of coffee someone had carelessly let fall, three police dash past me. There is the female one struggling to keep up, an erratic elbow that bumps into my side, and then she is running down the stairs holding her bag tightly to that bouncing petit waist of hers. Come on let's go, before it is too late.

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Finally got the linux flash player plugin to work properly with firefox running on my freebsd 5.3 system.

Such a pain sweating and struggling for hours on end for something which by default should be running fine from the very beginning.

That's one (dis)advantage of trying to become a pioneer freebsd geek type person.

"And so it was that his mother, in Asheville, North Carolina, asked herself why it was that she, a Carolinian by birth and sympathy, should sacrifice her son in France, and her questions were augmented by similar ones from relatives and friends all over the country. Kiffin, though gloriously dead, might have been saved, it seemed. She had tried to save him from himself by persistent entreaties to the Department of State in Washington to get her boy out of the French army, and by similarly persistent demands to the French Government to release her son. But before Kiffin fell she had come to see what he was fighting for, and it was not long after he fell before she was a sister in suffering to thousands of other American mothers who likewise had come to see why it was that their sons had to die in France..."

Why is it that when I try to run:

  • my feet feel like they each weigh an extra kilogram;
  • I am moving as if through a sea of molasses;
  • the wind is blowing in my face no matter which way I turn; and,
  • there is this weird sticky substance on the soles of my running shoes which make it more difficult lifting my knees?

Well that's what you get for not having gone jogging for three weekends in a row.

They always told us that modern technology was invented in order to save time and generally to make life more efficient.

This is not always the case. In fact, one may claim that this is more often not true than it is true.

The experience of getting there is still what matters.

The main reason that I like to run on the treadmill in the weekends so much is that even though you are running at one spot it seems like you are going on and on endlessly.

This is quite unlike daily life during the rest of the week where it seems like you are running around endlessly and in the end not getting anywhere at all.

What a pain but because of record snowfall and all the resulting delays, the trains were filled up and there was no where to sit. Squeezed in amongst all the other not so happy passengers, I made the best of it and simply thought about the work day ahead - when and if I would ever get there.

Lots and lots and lots of snow. Who would have ever expected this so late in the year? The weatherman tells us that there hasn't been this much snow in more than thirty years. Try riding your bike on it without slipping and sliding all over the place.

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