It might rain today

| California

Everyone here is tremendously disappointed whenever it appears that there is a small chance of rain. The weatherman has announced at the end of the evening news that the clouds are coming, so watch out.

The slightly overcast skies the next morning only confirm everyone's worst fears, and people are already feeling depressed the moment they first walk outside. Oh no, it's going to rain, what lousy weather. The addicts of sunshine are having a difficult time. Hands are poised next to the steering wheels ready to flip on the windshield wipers at a moment's notice.

Although there are many patches of open sky, with more than half of the high canopy exposed to the blue behind it, and it is pretty much dry wherever I look, more than half of the people carry umbrellas with them, just in case. Up and down the streets, folks are walking quickly from here to there in order not to be exposed too long to the open sky that threatens to cause a drizzle at the throw of the dice.

Even when you walk in stores or happen to meet an acquaintance outside on the sidewalk, the so-called lousy weather is the main topic of conversation. Pretty bad weather today. Sure getting cold and dismal. What a shame.

(It's November for heaven's sake, and it's supposed to be this way)

When later in the day it starts to drizzle ever so slightly, the streets empty in just less than five seconds. Everyone ducks down and dashes for cover. It's almost as if there is a mortar attack or some poisonous spray is falling down. Get out of the way!

One old lady over there spends ten minutes affixing this big plastic shopping bag just right over her head. The inverted upside-down letters show through, with her ears poking out comically from the open handles. So her fancy hairdo isn't ruined. It's only five feet from the overhang to her parked car, so I don't know why the big deal and all the extra work. Three drops could make the difference between life and death.

So what do I do? Well, I just stand there in the middle of the parking lot, raise my hands to the sky and let all that wonderful moisture cover every square millimeter of my person. My face is moist and my hands are waving around, in tribute and obedience to the big bad rain god up there. In defiance, I raise my voice slightly and give out a gleeful and somewhat crazy-sounding laugh, because I am being touched by nature herself.

That's when I notice the cop standing over there in front of his black-and-white CHP vehicle, looking at me curiously. Big belly hanging out, sunglasses staring, cup of Starbucks coffee in his right hand, a silver and black gun hanging from his side. Sobered out in a second (or less), I lower my face and arms and continue my way.

Can't I have a little fun and relaxation in the rain? Actually, it's not even raining, it's a very slight drizzle, and so what's the big deal?

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