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That is all where it resided anyway, in his head...At the side of the road he could clearly see the tall grass swaying in the wind, producing these oscillating and masterful waves. It was a wonderful site in which to engage one's thoughts, especially since he knew very well that he was the cause of all this. For a quick second he looked the other way and the swaying motion stopped, only to continue just as before when he re-engaged his thoughts and sights in the original direction. Funny how all those passers-by had absolutely no idea of what was really happening. Yes, he could control it all, well almost all of it, and he was getting better and better. After having practiced now for so many years, the effort of concentration required was much less. Sometimes it just arose without his control, and he wondered then if it was he or some higher power. No he was the soul cause, he was sure, and he would prove it some day. He kind of knew how he would do this convincing show, but first he would have to plan it all out better in his head. That is where it all resided anyway, in his head. Alright, just a little extra gust of wind here, some higher oscillations of grass waving over there and then a complete stop. All of the people kept going on with their lives unrelenting and unappreciative of this artistic work of his. In one way it made him angry, but then again since his emotions were merely thoughts of his thoughts of what was happening and being caused all around him, it really did not matter any more.

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