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There are many reasons I can list right now as to why I like to write in my blog.

For instance, like how it allows me to sit back and think during a quiet evening in a attempt to translate my inner feelings or be philosophical or induce a state of higher spiritual awareness. That kind of thing.

However, probably one of the most important reasons I concoct crazy and unpredictable blog entries is because of the reaction it elicits from others (not me). Like the occasional response from a reader or a meaningful gesture which really makes me feel good. Reaching out and communicating with others, sharing ideas and just plainly making sure that the other person keeps on believing that in one way or the other it all still kind of makes sense.

Confused? Let me try to illustrate this by explaining what happened to me a couple of days ago.

You see, I arrived home to discover an enticing brown package had arrived for me in the mail that morning. My name and address were neatly printed on the label in bold: Mhr. Gish Kiffin. The return address was also printed neatly on a label: a person from elsewhere in Europe, his name being Brad.

Hmmm, do I know someone by that name from that country? Couldn't remember. The package obviously contained something solid and rectangular and not real thick, but thick enough that it would not bend. Unless of course I tried to force it. Didn't want to force it now to find out did I? Could be anything, but what?

Stop pondering young man. In a greedy and excited ripping movement of my two hands working back and forth, kind of in an uncontrolled jerkiness, I pulled off the flap on the back of the envelope, and then let the contents slip down through the elongated slit I had created. Turn, fall and make a flat plopping sound on a wooden surface.

I scoped out the situation and let my neurons fire a few electrical impulses and figure it all out in no less than three seconds. Three items (one item per second) fell out onto the table, and the exact order in which they fell out was:

  • a book called "Sweet Dreams."
  • a two-page hand-written letter.
  • a piece of cardboard to prevent bending.

Aha, I get it. At least I think I do. Or not? The cardboard to prevent unnecessary bending made perfect sense and was the finishing touch which put me more in touch with Brad. Nice touch Brad.

'Sweet Dreams' by Michael Frayn
The actual book Brad sent.
In the letter, this nice Brad person introduced himself as someone who was an occasional reader of my blog. He had read one of my reviews of a Michael Frayn book (A Landing on the Sun or Spies - he did not say which) and decided to send me his very own copy of "Sweet Dreams" which was a personal favorite of his.

And he goes on in his letter to explain that he is also an American residing on the outskirts of a large European city, and he is about the same age as I am, how he finds my blog interesting because he is also seriously considering staying as an expat after he retires, how he is married with children going to a foreign school, and on and on...

Wow. I'm impressed.

I was sure flattered and felt kind of embarrassed that some stranger would go so much out of his way to send me all of this. Hard to believe, but it made me feel really good. And I mean really really good. Made my day, my week, the rest of this unpredictable month.

There is still hope in the world, you see. I probably would have done the same thing had I been in the same situation. Perhaps?

Paths meander all over the place and somehow cross-over each other once in awhile. This was one example of such a miracle of modern times, winding threads coming close and then parting. The time of the Internet, blogging and the ability to communicate instantaneously to the whole wide world.

And also to hear back from one of the millions of souls once in a while. Touching.

Thanks alot Brad! I hope you don't mind me including this in my blog. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. By me but also by all of my readers. And the readers of those readers.

I am certainly going to read your book right away. Thanks and again thanks!

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