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So why that beautiful woman lying naked in bed under those silk sheets over there wants to seduce me in the first place is beyond all my possible reasoning. It does not make sense. Just thinking about it makes me nervous, and I certainly do not wish to be unfaithful to my wife. In fact, I kind of feel embarrassed about the whole situation. Am I crazy? Why did I ever come here in the first place anyway?

Now without warning, she throws off the covers and exposes everything for what it is worth. She has beautiful, round breasts, a flat abdomen which tapers away nicely to her bared hips, and she looks very enticing. I am not sure what it is that she expects from me, what I am supposed to do.

Then I discover what it is all about.

Rising high right out from that ever so secret spot between her thighs is a very tall and thick oak tree. This oak tree goes up high into the sky as far as my eyes can see. Even though this is taking place in some bedroom in the middle of nowhere, there is no ceiling, only a blue sky with a few clouds floating around, birds fluttering by.

She is motioning me to come closer, and she explains what it is exactly that I am expected to do. As I approach her, I can now see clearly that the trunk of this massive tree is solidly implanted inside of her womb. The sturdy slab of wood rises from right out of her vagina and curves upward at a sharp angle! What I have to do is simple, though nothing less than precarious.

You see, she expects me to climb that tree for some unknown reason. She motions with her wide-spread hands, her empty palms facing upward, pleading for me to make the journey. Now or never. Fortunately, the branches are pretty evenly spaced apart. They come out at the sides of the trunk at just the right spots so that it is fairly easy for me to reach each rung of this natural wooden ladder with branches and leaves. I grip the lowest branches and raise myself up, higher and higher. The rough bark scrapes my belly and bits and pieces fall off into my hair.

Although this all seems pretty precarious to me, her seductive smile and erotic voice is too much for me to resist. I hope my wife does not mind that I am doing this, but there is no choice right now except to do it. Like it was always meant to be. What would my wife think when I told her that I had climbed this tree? Not your everyday average tree, but one growing out of the vagina of a most enticing seductress naked below me. As I climb higher and higher, I can feel my weight and movements trembling the branches and the leaves ever so slightly. But it will all hold. It will certainly hold pretty well, I am sure. I am rooted to the earth through this woman's womb and it is safe.

How high can I climb? Will this amazingly beautiful woman be able to hold me up and support my weight as I climb higher and higher? The massive piece of wood wavers, but I continue.

I am already nearing the top, and all in just a matter of a few seconds. Time is not important. The essence is time, time which remains motionless. Below me, I can see the whole world continuing as if nothing has changed. No one notices me, though when one thinks about it logically, I should be sticking out and be spotted by the droves of passersby. Hey, look up there! What's that guy doing in that tree? I realize that I am not wearing any clothes, but I am too high up now for any one to notice that I am naked. As naked as I was the day that I was born. Yes, my birth has something to do with all of this, that is clear to me.

Now that I have reached the top, I realize that there is no turning back. I am stuck here forever and will never be able to leave, to climb back down. Why had I let myself be seduced by this mysterious woman? Reaching the top was effortless, though the decision to start climbing was at first a difficult one. Not so much based on reason as some inner emotional calling.

Might as well get used to it now that I am here. I am now enjoying the view and trying to accept all of this for what it is. For what it was always meant to be.

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