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My cute little boy is only eight years old. But when he lets loose one of his impressive sneezes, the whole house vibrates from its very foundations. Like there is an earthquake coming on, and every soul within a radius of fifty yards jumps with a start into the air. Cats and dogs go scurrying away around the corner, and flocks of birds break up and spread out, escaping to the distant horizon. I guess it is a Gish kind of thing. My father had it to the extreme. Unlike my cute little son, my father provided potential victims no warning sniffles, no huffing and puffing beforehand, just one instantly amazing barrage of sneeze particles and tens of decibels of sound spraying all over the place, blowing the house down. Nearly gave me a heart-attack every time. Funny how sneezes of the present trigger the mind to remember associations of the past.

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