High waves crashing

| Short fiction

That stone figure over there seems to imply this...She has had many previous lives, more than the average person, which is quite unusual for someone with her background and personality.

The facts did not match. The reality of the situation was not there. There must be an obvious reason for this, the so-called scientific investigator thought, but did not know what, did not have the slightest clue. He scribbled a couple words down in the little notebook he carried with him everywhere. Put it back in his shirt pocket for later reference. He would show it to her when he felt she was ready. Something to do with funneling and then collecting hidden energy to be directed towards a noble cause. The future towards which things moved. Something like that. However, she was focused on one of the most recent previous lives. Well, she was not quite sure if it was the most recent one or not, but that was not important for reasons all her own.

These were the words which stuck in the mind if one listened carefully. Old house. Dark. Mom. Waves, high waves crashing. Show or not to show. Never. Hurt, terrified, and fighting. Stupid, not stupid. Let's go.

The scene opens up somewhere in the Northern hemisphere, windy climate, dark winters. Warm house from within, happy family, activities and love. It is not she who is terrified and/or hurt, but those around her who she observes and for whom she feels much empathy. She is old and gray. She is some kind of community helper, a seer or maybe even a spiritual healer, someone important but not seen. This woman is a strong disbeliever in the current religious attitudes which she finds oppressive, impossible, not right, unnatural. Near to the water, perhaps even an ocean with waves upon a rocky shoreline. Rocks that can be climbed on scrambled across if one is willing to take the risk, of being swept out to sea by an unexpected wave crashing down. Or it could be that these victims had let it happen to them, on purpose. Sometimes storms, seagulls which scream, poor souls falling in the boiling waters of white foam. Farewell and see you in the next lifetime. The time frame would be 1100 AD give or take a hundred years, wouldn't it? Celtic? That stone figure over there seems to imply this.

She is a grandmother and had achieved much for a woman of that period. She is well respected by almost everyone in the community, but she still has too many hidden grievances. These nearly break her but not quite. Cuts and bruises that need to heal first. The dried remains of blood which has coagulated many years before. She regrets not having had the time nor the energy nor even the courage to do what she would have liked to have done. This was a shame, but needed and inspired all the same. Silence is better than nothing.

"How quickly the splinter of one's lifetime passes by and then it is almost too late, almost."

If that splinter falls into the water it will be swept away, that is for sure. If it becomes wedged somewhere within a crack or an elongated opening, then it will stay there on the rugged rocks for a long time, a very long time. Even the rocks have become wet with time and effort. In the long run, the splinter will become dislodged, somehow and some time. She knows it and the scientist knows it also. According to the complicated laws of the universe which can only be explained by esoteric and complicated mathematical formulae chalked endlessly on the blackboards which are longer than the horizon, this is so. This is so.

She believes in the afterlife and the ability to redeem, maybe even come back. Why anyone in their right mind would want to do that is beyond her and does not make sense. But it will come as it may, just accept it. The scientist who is checking this all out with his expensive metallic machinery is not quite sure yet what she has come back to finish, to redeem, but he has a strong inner feeling an intuition that it has alot to do with helping others. Gadgets galore to test his hypothesis. Oscilloscopes beep and produce ragged greenish lines vibrating. Nothing to do with the reality of the situation, but it can help nonetheless. That is what he has been taught. Lots and lots of energy and respect from others which she could easily use to her advantage, for the good of humanity. If only she could rekindle that energy she has collected during the most recent previous lives. It is all inside there somewhere.

One more thing. The so-called scientist has something interesting to say. An abrupt question to pose that may reveal some crook or cranny deep within. He says: "Have you ever looked at yourself in front of the mirror holding up a smaller mirror in front of you? There is an endless corridor of repeated reflections disappearing into the distance. You know what that is? It is infinity, but in reverse. This can be compared to the many previous lives you have had, all leading up to this very moment in time."

He takes the scribbled note out of his shirt pocket and hands it to her. She looks up as if she had been expecting this for a long time now. She reads the words which have been scribbled down with a nervous hand. High waves crashing down.

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