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Don't get too wet now...People tend to behave in a very irrational and unpredictable manner when put in stressful situations.

This is especially the case when the consequences are potentially life-threatening. For example, scoring an important assignment and bringing in a lucrative project for the company. Big bucks in a time of insecurity and economic stagnation. Panic mode brings out the worse in us and colleagues come under mental strain. The team threatens to break apart because of slight differences in opinions that in the end are so trivial as not to make the slightest difference in the outcome. But reactions to these differences become exaggerated, and all of a sudden it is like everyone is drowning.

Splash, splash and grab the nearest object to remain afloat even if it happens to be a fellow team member.

Better yet would be to combine strengths and prepare a logical no-nonsense approach at solving the predicament. Unite as one in order to remain afloat. Thinking logically is pretty difficult, especially on stormy seas where waves are crashing down on top of you.

Crashing down on top of you.

In the long run, those that unite for a common purpose will win out. However, survival today is first priority in order to make it past the first steps towards this long-term adventure. A combination of the two would be nice, the perfect balance, the middle path. As the logical visionary it is my duty to bring this about through respect, determination and conviction.

Don't get too wet now.

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