Here are some picture albums. Over time I've collected tons of pictures and put them into various albums which you might be interested in having a look through.


This personal weblog was started way back on July 21, 2001 which means that it is 7-21-2001 old.

So far this blog contains no less than 2297 entries and as many as 1876 comments.

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    Europeana Collections Website After a dry spell I get to be productive again. I'm pleased to be working on this amazing website as Ruby ... >>
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    Be careful, you are now entering the land of the dead. ... >>
  • Simple doesn't mean easy
    Taken from the blog article: Where to find God. "You don't need a book, or a course, or a church, or anything else to ... >>
  • Practice makes perfect
    Down below at the practice green. I could easily shave off 3-4 strokes a round by honing my short game around the green. Time ... >>
  • Time to get serious
    In view of my upcoming assignment next month, it's time to get serious about the Ruby programming language. Although I already consider myself pretty ... >>