Here are some picture albums. Over time I've collected tons of pictures and put them into various albums which you might be interested in having a look through.


This personal weblog was started way back on July 21, 2001 which means that it is 7-21-2001 old.

So far this blog contains no less than 2338 entries and as many as 1878 comments.

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  • Middle of nowhere
    Here we are in the middle of nowhere having a fun and relaxing week away from the world of chaos. ... >>
  • Big day
    With more than a year of preparations under our belts, the devops team managed to pull off a successful launch of our state-of-the-art telecom ... >>
  • Toilet fixed
    After a few weeks postponing it, I finally got around to fixing the toilet. It's one of my least favorite activities, and I tend ... >>
  • Sleepwalkers
    "In this sense, the protagonists of 1914 were sleepwalkers, watchful but unseeing, haunted by dreams, yet blind to the reality of the horror they ... >>
  • Running with the wolves
    I finally got to see Aurora sing in person and she was absolutely fantastic. She sang most of the numbers from her new album, ... >>