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There's an illusion going on out there, and it's best to avoid it with all your might. Just because you are in a hurry and think it's expedient to throw important requests over the wall into the development team as quickly as possible, does NOT mean that you are following the shortage route to getting it done. Done, done. Not done by development, not done by testing and not done as in "delivered" to the customer and curing his headache. That's really the moment of truth when the customer benefits from all that effort (money spent), when profits start rolling in. Repeat, does NOT. Too many people fail to understand this simple concept, because they are blinded by the glitter of money (so-called) and the individual bonus. In truth, injecting random tasks without proper preparation will in the end take much longer to actually get to the happy customer. Think about best practices. Follow the rules of thumb, and you will avoid being consumed later by the nightmare of endless after care and all night bug-fixing marathons (which will eat up any short term profits in no time). Here is what you should do with these request first. Analyse and localize, provide a structured and high-level description, prioritize, and then wait. Waiting is the hardest thing to do, especially in a commercial world where we the greedy ones are pressured to make a quick buck, or else. Or else the competitors will jump in front of you at your slightest hesitation. No, be wise and wait until the last possible moment, wait through that incubation period until the time is ripe. Decide when you are just still in control, just at furthest point within the window of opportunity, right before the moment that the decision will be forced upon you.

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