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RESTful Rails Development by Silvia Puglisi

I couldn't resist the great book offer that the kind folks at O'Reilly emailed me, so I splurged and purchased the e-book called RESTful Rails Development by Silvia Puglisi.

Although I may fool myself into believing that I am some kind of expert and this is already all very familiar material, it's always good to refresh one's mind. Perhaps even discovering new information or coming across eye-opening code snippets. Rails, REST and Ruby, yeah sure I already know all that stuff. Or do I?

Coding years on end without keeping track of new stuff can be compared to driving a car your whole life and thinking that you are perfectly competent when actually you have unknowingly become a bigger danger on the road than you realize.

Be careful before you accidentally kill your fellow developer who is pair-programming next to you. Like I always say (sorry if I keep repeating myself too much), I am never too old to learn new stuff.

The book is still the early release raw and unedited, but I still found that there were way too many errors and typos. Sure the price was right and I should not have high expectations, but when you get into the flow of reading and are regularly disrupted by unclear and misspelled words, it's a bit of a hassle.

Especially when code fragments are wrong, I hate it when there are code typos. You never know if that is how it's really supposed to be or if it is an error, until you fire up irb or vi, type it all in yourself and (if there are no syntax errors) running it.

For example, seeing '{ :product_id => 2 }' all over the place instead of '{ :product_id => 2 }', now that's pretty aggravating.

Although the English isn't fluent, the contents and descriptions are done quite well and the story-line is very complete. I just hope that in the coming newer releases that the errors will be fixed and the sentences made to flow better.

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