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The speed of feedback is very important in order for the product developers to do the right job.

Developers depend on feedback in order to make the right choices at the right time.

Feedback also allows developers to realize their mistakes and incorrect assumptions early on in order to recover before it is too late.

Proper and timely feedback allows one to operate the product development process effectively, especially in a very noisy and erratic environment.

By analyzing and reacting to feedback early, one adapts efficiently to unpredictability, and one is more flexible and dynamic to ever-changing business needs.

Unfortunately, current orthodox beliefs view feedback as the evil cause of undesirable rework loops, stubbornly insisting that rework is to be avoided by designing things right the first time (as if this is ever possible).

Of course we all know how foolish such an unfounded belief is, history has shown us too many failed projects which have fallen victim to this stubborn way of thinking.

Feedback gives one new and valuable information that can be used to freshen our viewpoints and make better economic choices.

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