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Completed and solved my first problem of the year. I know that today is only the first day of the year, but why wait when there are so many interesting challenges to pursue in life? Here is what I encountered on the RubyMonk website.

Problem Statement:
Given a 3 or 4 digit number with distinct digits, return a sorted array of all the unique numbers than can be formed with those digits.

Given: 123
Return: [123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321]

My solution:

def number_shuffle(number)
  number.to_s.split(//) {|a| a.join.to_i }

Tutorial solution:

def number_shuffle(number)
  no_of_combinations = number.to_s.size == 3 ? 6 : 24
  digits = number.to_s.split(//)
  combinations = []
  combinations << digits.shuffle.join.to_i while combinations.uniq.size!=no_of_combinations

My solution is not only conciser but in my opinion more elegant as well. Applying Occam's razor principle here, I'll let you decide for yourself

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