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The idea that we must at all times remain flexible and embrace change is a central theme at the core of our being. This useful concept can not only be applied theoretically as a nice idea, but more importantly to ones everyday life as well. Life is pretty dynamic, chaotic and short. So it is very strange that at first glance the human inclination is to search for structure and predictability, and then it is too late. The pursuit of a plan-driven existence provides us all with a false sense of comfort. In order to take advantage of the full possibilities of life, we need to accept that change will occur. When it does, we will embrace it with open arms and dive head first into that ocean of variegated currents. Change does not have to be painful. We should not be discouraged if surviving change means following a seemingly uncomfortable transition. The currents go this way and that way and every which way. You only pain yourself by resisting the inevitable outcome that change brings. By swimming against the current too much you will tire and drown. Be ready and accept all changes when they arrive. Sometime out of nowhere and sometimes as planned long ahead. Anticipate and prepare yourself mentally and physically so that you can make the best out of life.

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