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If you're like me then you've probably spent many a frustrating time trying to get those darn list-style-image: url(/images/bullet.gif) bullets aligned properly with the text. They are either too high or too far to the left and the inside list-style only messes things up even more.

The trick is to disable the css list-style attribute and use background images instead. I tag the ul-element with an id #list-images-background and put the following in my css file:

ul#list-images-background li {
    list-style: none; 
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: 0 2px;
    padding-left: 24px;

An example is the list of my social media links on the right of my blog index page. Each list bullet image can be defined separately by using the background-image:url(/images/facebook.png) style. The markup code looks something like this:

<ul id="list-background-images">
    <li style="background-image:url(/images/facebook.png)"><a href="" target="_top">Facebook</a></li>
    <li style="background-image:url(/images/twitter.png)"><a href="" target="_top">Twitter</a></li>
    <li style="background-image:url(/images/googleplus.png)"><a href="" target="_top">Google+</a></li>
    <li style="background-image:url(/images/linkedin.png)"><a href="" target="_top">LinkedIn</a></li>
    <li style="background-image:url(/images/github.png)"><a href="" target="_top">GitHub</a></li>

The exact position of the image bullet can now be tweaked easily by adjusting the values of padding-left and background-position. After some minimal fine-tuning, here's what the list finally looks like:


The final result looks pretty professional, at least for someone like me. I invite all you so-called expert web designers out there to come up with something better.

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