Breaking bad habits

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A most disturbing Vim anti-pattern is using the good old arrow keys to navigate around the page. I've been told that this is a terrible habit which makes me more inefficient. I do not like wasting time and being inefficient, so I read up a bit on the subject and decided to add the following lines to my .vimrc configuration file. Say good-bye to arrow keys my friend.

noremap <Up> <NOP>
noremap <Down> <NOP>
noremap <Left> <NOP>
noremap <Right> <NOP>

At first I felt very crippled, but after awhile believe it or not I started to get used to it. Bad habits are hard to break, but if you hang in there you can do it. j,j,l,k,k,k,h,k,j ...

Even using the default vim navigation keys h,j,k,l gets boring after awhile. This is the slow poke way to move like a snail across the editing surface. There are even speedier and thus better ways to accomplish such a feat. If you don't know what they are look it up yourself (:help word).

So in order to end the pain of all pains I extended vim nops to include the following lines as well:

noremap h <NOP>
noremap j <NOP>
noremap k <NOP>
noremap l <NOP>

Slowly but surely I'm on my way to becoming a true blue vim guru, and it feels pretty good. You're never too old to learn new tricks, and if by doing so you become more productive so much the better I'd say.

Alright then, let me help you along by giving you a slight hint. The w, b, e, ge commands allow us to move forward or backward to the start or end of a word. The W, B, E, gE commands are also something you should check into. Much quicker jumping around that's for sure.

You might also want to have a look at Habit breaking, habit making and then install the Hard Mode Vim Plugin like I did.

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