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During my university days back in the late seventies, I would often take a short break from my student life and visit my aunt Jeanine who lived just across the bay. It was only about a forty minute drive.

These were evenings of long conversations, philosophical discussions and general chatting about nothing in particular. My worries and insecurities would become soothed by her soft voice and kind face.

One occasion in particular has stuck clearly in my mind for some reason, and when I think of Jeanine I am always reminded of that fleeting moment.

Evening had set in and we were relaxing in the dark living room in front of the fireplace, sitting directly across from each other. Jeanine was discussing something esoteric having to do with Eastern philosophy, I do not remember exactly about what, and I was almost entranced by her words.

Jeanine was sitting with her back to the fireplace and as she spoke the flames danced behind her, mimicking her words and gestures.

To make her point clear, she ended her sentence with a snap of her fingers. Just like that. At the exact same instant she did that, snap, the topmost log in the fireplace burst open with a muffled explosion and a spark shot up into the air.

I flinched slightly and blinked my eyes. Jeanine reacted to her sudden feat of coordinated magic but seemed unimpressed. With a smile and a nod of her head she acknowledged her spiritual powers, as if this was nothing exceptional and happened to her all of the time.

Someday in the not so distant future we will meet up again. I wonder if she will still remember that moment in time and how impressed I was.

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