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I'm not about to claim that I'm some kind of expert on the subject, but I think it's fair to say that I've experienced my fair share of ups and downs over the years which makes me a little bit wiser.

Put simply the questions is how do we avoid failure when designing and implementing complex software products?

This is how I would answer that question.

  • The golden rule of thumb to avoid failure is to figure out early what the biggest risks to success are, and then to keep them in mind every single day. Keep this up until success is achieved.
  • Another key to avoiding failure is to admit openly when things start to go wrong, or better yet when you expect that things might go wrong. Don't hide the truth because you are worried that your boss will get angry or that you will lose face with your team members.
  • If things start to go better than expected, then celebrate it and make it publicly known. You guys have struggled really hard and deserve the recognition for work done well. Go out and have a party, but don't get too drunk because it's bright and early as usual the following day.
  • Feel proud of what you are making and treat it like your baby. Protect and cherish it, nurture it and play with it.
  • Admit defeat if needed and just start all over again. It is much better to restart with new insights than it is to plug along with an ugly product which keeps getting uglier, and finally slowly sink into quicksand.
  • Use sound metrics to measure progress and regularly decide where you, where you are headed, and possible obstacles along the way which will delay progress.
  • Learn from your mistakes, write them down, keep this list with you at all times, and reread it at least twice a day.
  • Finally remain open-minded, honest and embrace change, which will happen whether or not you want it to. Change hurts while it is happening, but afterwards it makes you feel a whole lot better.

One could easily say that the statements above apply to developing successful software products as well as to most challenges in life.

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