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"The Sea of Thunder" by Evan Thomas is a very engaging book from beginning to end. It explores not only all of the historical facts but also does a good job in presenting the personalities of four commanders and how their decisions made a permanent mark on history. By far the most interesting character was that of Admiral William Halsey in which circumstances led him right up to the largest sea battle in history. However, due to a complex chain of events combined with the tricky strategy of the enemy he made the decision to go northwards away from immediate confrontation. I had to feel real sorry for him because like Ismael's lifelong search for Moby Dick, Halsey was fixated with meeting the Japanese in battle, causing him at the wrong moment to sail north where he thought the enemy was coming when if he'd only waited a little longer he would have met and destroyed his nemesis in one sweeping amazing sea battle which was never going to happen.


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