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We have this wonderful Labrador Retriever and her name is Luca. Quite an unpredictable and wild beast, but that is alright.

This evening when I took her out for a walk, she was pulling against the leash trying to go this way and that, me trying to control the wildness of the situation but to no avail.

The worst part was when she spotted two ducks waddling over there in the distance, and for the life of me I could barely control her by holding the leash. I felt as if I were holding back a bulldozer, there she was standing on her two hind legs ready to jump and attack those poor creatures.

Pulled into the edge of the water, I reacted just in time so as not fall into the pond, the innocent ducks flying away, and Luca finally realizing that all her efforts were in vain. I am the boss, and she has to realize this. Much to learn and adapt to.

On the final stretch back home, we walked next to each other calmly, like the perfect master and slave. Made our way to the front door, went back inside to the living room.

Now our sweet Luca is sitting quietly on her fancy cushion, reminiscing about all the fine adventures she had experienced today and wondering about all the new adventures to be lived tomorrow.

Life with a dog is not easy, but it is worth it I guess.

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