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The Panopticon is a type of prison which is designed such that the observer can see what all of the prisoners are doing without the prisoners being able to know whether or not they are being observed, thus conveying a "sentiment of an invisible omniscience."

So there you are in a prison who knows where worrying whether or not someone is watching but trying to carry on business as usual. Is this possible? Probably.

Not that life is a prison not exactly at least but you never know. People may be watching or not, and who cares about some invisible omniscience, unless of course you are religious and wondering if things will turn out better than you expected.

No prison is permanent. You are the one and only one watching yourself, not being observed by others, only being observed by yourself.

Maybe we might think that we are in prison, but in reality we are not.

Breaking out of this so-called self-imposed imaginary prison is not such a big deal, probably because it is pretty much a mental thing, Close your eyes and open them again, and everything returns back to normal.

Or so one hopes...

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