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On a daily basis, much of my time is spent in one or another traffic jam, mornings and evenings, making the voyage to and from work a sluggish proposal involving much patience combined with unrealistic waiting and thinking alot and day-dreaming.

The only sane way to deal with this potential frustration is a kind of pure acceptance where one fosters an approach of enjoying the moment to the fullest. At least while it lasts.

Yet another traffic jam (near Woerden).

Thinking and preparing, listening to classical music or Neil Young or the BBC World Service or Led Zeppelin or listening to nothing at all and just enjoying the surrounding green Dutch countryside, staring and analyzing the frustrated folks in the other cars around you (look at that guy cussing and pounding his steering wheel), meditating and relaxing, that is really what things are really about.

Not easy, especially if one is in a mad rush to be on time for an important meeting, but there is nothing else any sane person can do except create the world around them, slow time down in the mind and hope that that so-called important meeting is not so important afterall.

Bye the way, in case anyone is interested, in Dutch a traffic jam is called a file (pronounced as fee-la).

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