Fear of cars

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Being afraid of cars is one thing but having to run away and hide behind the nearest tree or bush or stone wall whenever such a vehicle happens to pass by is a major handicap. Cannot play around freely without wondering and worrying all the time. Looking around, wondering when the distant intersection will reveal yet another monster on wheels is not easy to deal with. To say the least. Bad enough seeing the glint of metal in the distance, let alone the approaching drone on wheels, that mighty machine and the person pulling and pushing various extensions and pedals and whatever to get it to work and continue on its merry way. Making matters even worse, there is this unknown person supposedly directing the motion of this car while in fact things are much less under control than one might expect. Swerving to the right and to the left, anything can and will happen. So it's best to be prepared just in case. And that is exactly why I choose to duck behind the tree in the hopes that this never-ending stream of vehicles will ignore my presence and continue on the path on which it was originally meant to be. Six years old and going on fifty, that is the way it has to be. Watch out and be careful.

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