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I come home after a long day of work, feeling tired. My wife has a surprise for me. Alright, what kind of surprise could it be? There on the table is a cardboard box and I have to open it, at least that is what my wife wants me to do, all smiling and giggling about things. So when I open it I discover that there is a baby girl inside (oh dear), very cute and adorable, I had always wanted a fifth child but really, this is something I hadn't really expected. But still, life goes on, try to adapt. My wife has to apologize to me, almost in tears, her pregnancy kept hidden because she was so afraid I would get mad at her. Why would I get mad? I would have never minded if I had known about it in advance. How is this possible? I feel angry, frustrated, like nobody understands how I feel or react to the situation, but at the same time I am happy. When I pick up the beautiful child she feels soft, smells clean, and fits into the world as I have envisioned that it should be. A wonder, something that has come to be, and then life goes on as usual. What next?

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