Recursion is recursive

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So how on earth do you even attempt to explain what recursion is to someone who just can't get it?

The first time I struggled with this concept, I just had to accept it as is. By groping around endlessly in the dark, I just hoped that if I used it often enough I would figure it out some day.

Believe it or not that day did come. All of a sudden the last piece of the puzzle fell nicely in place and it all made perfect sense.

Truly elegant, that is if you can figure it out.


And which piece of the puzzle was it that made "the light go on", so to speak?

The piece that fell right in place and itself became a new complete puzzle missing a similar piece of the puzzle that needed filling in.

:-) What was was the base case?

Base case, what base case?

The base case of the recursion, of course :-)

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