Poking backs and wedging elbows

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There was this crazy-looking guy who jumped on the tram at the very last minute just before the doors slid shut behind him.

Although the tram was packed so tightly that you could barely move, this crazy-looking person was able to fit in easily with room to spare.

Those folks nearest to him subtly pushed and shoved themselves away, either consciously or subconsciously, little shuffling motions of the feet, slightly poking backs and wedging elbows. In no time, this person had managed to create an invisible buffer zone around him, a nice comfortable, invisible force field that gave him alot of extra room to stand, to wave his arms around, and to look this way and that.

I on the other hand found this individual interesting enough, that I daringly stepped into his little realm of comfort in order to observe him more closely, trying to make some more sense of it all.

When the doors opened again at the next stop, he spat through the opening, creating even more room by preventing more travelers from entering to fill in and replace the mass of cytoplasm which had just exited.

People moved away, providing us two lost souls even more room in which to move around and observe.

Sometimes it can be advantageous to be slightly crazy.

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