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There's this older lady, I'd say that she is well into her seventies, who 'always' has to sit on the very same bike during the spinning trainings at the fitness center. It's the one over there at the very front left corner, and it belongs to her and no one else.

When the doors go open, she is already standing at the front of the line and dashes straight to that bike like she owns it or something. Her short stumpy legs carry her there at a speed that surprises me, and it looks almost comical how when she dives and grabs the bike seat she gives out a huff of relief.

Once when she was a little later than usual, some other guy just happened to nab her bike just before she had time to make her famous dive. She ran to him in a big panic saying that he would have to use another bike, or else. When he hesitated an instant too long, the daughter (who also happens to attend many of the same trainings) got very angry with this poor guy. She raised her voice, jabbed a pointing finger at him and gave the impression that she just might have to call the police.

The guy shook his head in surprised dismay, got off the bike and wandered away without putting up a fight. He was cast to the back of the fitness hall by the fiendish old lady and her daughter.

My plan is some day when I gather up enough courage to grab that bike and refuse to leave, just so that I can make a scene. I will even risk being taken away by the police and perhaps even thrown in jail.

However, that old lady is always right at the front of the line no matter how early I arrive.

Maybe next time.

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