Imaginary unevenness

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Speaking of usefulness, how useful is it spending days on end trying to get that vertical white rectangular support balk in the kitchen really smooth? So perfectly smooth that there is not a single ding, scratch, groove or imaginary unevenness visible any more?

Having started this daunting task some two months ago, and only now seeing the vaguest of improvements, one wonders how much longer this will go on.

It would have been much better just sawing the obstacle in half and breaking it away, but that would mean our whole house collapsing to rubble (and me lying underneath it). That vertical slab holds up the whole house believe it or not, and it evens slants slightly at four and a half degrees from bottom to top.

Tempting but not worth the trouble.

The last layer of paint has been applied, all real and imaginary unevennesses plastered over and sanded perfectly smooth.

Tomorrow is the big day and within twenty-four hours I will know if this is something of which I can be proud for the rest of my life.

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