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By positioning my arm in a certain way just at the precise orientation to the sun, I can cause a certain ray of light to fall on my watch face at just the right angle so that it is reflected and beamed to the wall across from me. These are a bunch of physical laws taking place. Velocity, electromagnetic energy, beams of photons, scattering light rays and densities of certain solids - and I am controlling it all.

Now if I turn my wrist ever so slightly, the sparkle of light moves down the wall at an oblique angle. The slightest vibrations cause the sparkling reflection to jitter tremendously like there is some kind of earthquake of thought taking place.

Easy goes it, lower and lower. Over that guys shining scalp, slicing the top of his glasses and now shining directly in his closed left eye. At first he doesn't seem to notice. The jitters get less and the beam more concentrated. This reminds me somewhat of the naughty days of yore while focussing sunlight through a magnifying glass until the poor little bugs would shiver and pop.

The bald guy wakes up abruptly like he has been poked in the eye. Flick my wrist and the sparkle has disappeared. Little does he know what is really happening.

After a minute or so he nods off back to sleep and it is time to repeat my antics. I cannot blame myself, only the amazingly boring trip this has become because I forgot to bring any reading material with me.

The jitter of light focusses and he jerks his drooped head to the other side. This is a more difficult angle to negotiate, but with a little extra effort and mental control over the entertwined physical laws of physics, the sparkle has hit dead on again. The very same eye.

The poor bald guy bats away the invisible mosquito with the back of his hand, but I remain undaunted with my hidden laser beam of aggravation. He looks up again and notices that the beam of light is coming from my wrist. However, when he looks up higher at the face behind these hidden antics, he sees a fellow passenger who has also nodded off to sleep and is (supposedly) unaware of what is happening.

He thinks: what are the odds of so many variegated dependancies coming together right at the exact time to make this happen? The wrist in the correct location, the sun rising at just the right angle, ad infinitum?

The truth of the matter is much different than he might think. Nonetheless, I keep my eyes closed as if sleeping so as not to cause any unwanted commotion and therefore am unable to see the look of amazement on his face.

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