Month: September 2005


"That night the Kelly Gang made camp by light of rain & lightning strikes and while the boys lay quiet as dogs wrapped up in their coats I sat with my backside in a puddle my oilskin above my candle & my paper.

I begun again they could not prevent it. I were the terror of the government being brung to life in the cauldron of the night."

- True history of the Kelly Gang, Peter Carey.


Today I was caught slightly off guard when from the corner of my eye I spied an advertisement with two mega-words plastered across the surface of some happy-looking person jumping in the air:


The Dutch mind collates with ease these two seventeen character words into a single though somewhat complex concept and understands it in an instant.

Could it be merely chance that these two pseudo-words have exactly the same length and that the lengths both happen to be a prime number?

My slower non-Dutch grey matter tripped, fell to the ground, picked itself up and brushed off the dust, before finally figuring it out.

All the while the rest of the other quick thinkers wandering off into the distance and gathering speed.


Here is Clint's Website.

For those of you out there who might be intereted in all this so-called pilates stuff and/or for those who are merely curious about a family relation of mine.


Exactly eighty-nine years ago today, our hero Kiffin sacrificed his life for freedom when he was shot down over France during the Great War.

Thanks alot for doing this, in more ways than one.


There are basically two ways to be seated while travelling on the public transportation: either you are facing forward or you are facing backward. The question that I have been pondering lately is which of the two possibilities is the safest?


By positioning my arm in a certain way just at the precise orientation to the sun, I can cause a certain ray of light to fall on my watch face at just the right angle so that it is reflected and beamed to the wall across from me. These are a bunch of physical laws taking place. Velocity, electromagnetic energy, beams of photons, scattering light rays and densities of certain solids - and I am controlling it all.


Today my father would have turned eighty-eight, God rest his soul. Now it's up to me to fill in the rest.


There's this old Dutch saying that goes something like this:

"Wie boter op zijn hoofd heeft moet niet in de zon gaan staan."

When translated into English it becomes:

"If you have butter on your head you should not sit in the sun."

In Holland, having butter on your head is a reference to not having a clear conscience. And of course by going outside during a hot sunny day, the situation is aggravated without a doubt.

I still cannot figure out why someone would do something as ridiculous as putting butter on one's head - it doesn't make much sense to me.


My poor blog has been bombarded the last week or so with comments spam from some online poker site, those jerks.

There's not much I can do about it except turn off comments altogether. Not that my blog gets that many comments from honest down-to-earth goodies, but it is more the idea of having to give in to misbehaved baddies that gets to me.

No way I'm going to give in to them.

Hopefully there will be a solution to this problem in the not so distant future, but I am afraid it will not be easy.


There's nothing more exciting in the world than discovering the solution to all human suffering. Not only that but also the fact that because of this historic discovery you will be the richest person on the planet for the rest of your life.

Too bad that when you wake up you forget the solution almost immediately. What a terrible loss to humanity, that's for sure.


This was the dilemma I found myself in today. I wanted to remove all of the Gnome stuff from my FreeBSD installation in order to make a clean start by reinstalling it all over again.

However, what's a poor soul to do when 'pkg_info | grep -i gnome | wc -l' results in a long list of packages (36) that all need to be removed safely first?

# pkg_info | awk '/gnome/ { print $1; system("pkg_delete " $1); }'

That's just one possible way of achieving this, maybe not the best but it works anyway.


Can you belive that Gilligan passed away today? Poor Bob Denver was only seventy years old. As a kid I must have watched Gilligan's Island about a million times. Good-bye Gilligan, we will all miss you and look forward to the reruns.


The real challenge is not so much selecting and implementing the best solution from the infinite possibilities of modern technology.


Without a single hiccup, I somehow managed to upgrade my web server to the latest version of FreeBSD 5.4, that wonderful operating system we have come to love and cherish.


The noise it is making sounds like a machine gun going off in the distance. He cannot hear it because he is listening to loud music through his earphones. Everyone else within a radius of ten meters can clearly hear it going off, but not a single person does anything about it. Should I go over and tell him?

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